About Us

The Council on Workforce Innovation – an initiative of the National Organization for Workforce Diversity –  is a public/private collaboration to advance innovation in the workforce through a suite of solutions that include technology, collaborative initiatives and diversity and inclusion. View the Flyer



Our Vision
We create events and provide resources to support private and public sector workforce leaders maximize application of the latest innovation methodologies,

Our Mission
As a central resource for workforce innovators, our mission is to facilitate positive outcomes for a productive, prosperous workforce. The Business Sector Council (BSC) initiatives are organized to create the base of advanced innovation and lead the next generation for workforce innovation.

Our Council
To support this, the community of innovators who want to make a strategic change, who are well prepared with the latest thinking, methodologies and networks and making a difference in their organization, practice or industry were developed. This network of innovators are the foundation of the Council on Workforce Innovation.

About Workforce Innovation


  • Business Sector Innovation Forums and Conferences
  • Training Webinars
  • Research Studies / White Papers
  • Technology Trends
  • Resource Collaboration