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Council on Workforce Innovation

The Council on Workforce Innovation is a collaborative initiative tracking trends, demographics, technology and resources to advance results and outcome in the workforce.

The Council on Workforce Innovation (CWI) advances workforce leaders to create a dynamic workforce culture of innovation! Change is good!

The Council on Workforce Innovation supports a suite of trends and solutions transforming the workforce of the future. Key innovations are driven by the proliferation of new mobility and cloud technologies. Leaders spearheading the catalyst for change represent a shift in mindset toward more flexible, less restrictive organizational structures emphasizing partnerships and collaboration. Indepth research of topics that:

  • Impact of emerging population shifts on workforce dynamics
  • Technology trends and application for workforce
  • Market application by business sector
  • Workforce Analytics and forecast projections

The Voice of Workforce Innovation…Presenting Possibilities


Advisory Council Members standing with Bill Haslam, Governor of Tennessee.

Left to right: Ray Minias, Cathy Childs, Claudia Humphrey, Joyce Searcy, Governor Bill Haslam, Jacky Akbari, Pam Martin, Dennis Stull